An Artist Illustrate 20 Funny Computer Comics That Everyone Will Find Relatable

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Berries Daily

Hello! Welcome to System32Comics, a comic series that is based on computer humor. Don’t worry, you don’t need a master degree in computer science to understand this comics, all of this comics are based off everyday experiences of using a computer. If you are interested.

Berries Daily collected for you the latest comics Series. We hope you enjoy!

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#1 Asking The Internet

#2 Lose Some Weight

The Artist said ” I became obsessed with computers when I was about 15. I had always wanted to own a gaming PC but my parents couldn’t afford one. So, in an attempt to save money, I decided to try and build one myself and started researching the parts that I needed. The gaming PC has played a massive role in my life. Not only have I used it for gaming, but got into digital editing as well. It has taught me to edit videos, create animations and other digital art. This got me to a few first places winners in various film and art festivals and eventually lead me to create system32comics. “

#3 New Folders

#4 Downloading Programs

The Artist tell us ” I’m a tech-savvy guy, I have always loved to read about new technology, browsing through the latest tech magazines. I wouldn’t call myself a professional coder, but I’ve coded in school as well. “

#5 Windows Updates

#6 Computer Is Not Responding

The artist also said ” I have had a lot of drawing experience before I started system32comics. I recognized my art talents early on but as time went by I had been focusing on academia instead. It was only recently when I came back to drawing. “

#7 Apple Maps

#8 Sketchy Ads In Sketchy Websites

The artist cofessed us ” I created system32comics in late October, 2018, after carrying the idea for about a month. Since I created the series, coming up with new ideas hasn’t become harder or easier. I mean, even though computer comics is a very niche topic, it’s very flexible as well. For example, you can always write a comic about the latest tech news, or a tech flop, or even glitches games. There’s always room for more ideas.”

#9 Morning Coffee

#10 The Experience Of Debugging In One Picture

He also said ” My other hobbies are architecture and maths. Occasionally I will design a building, sketching it out on my iPad or put my heart and soul into a math problem, dedicating entire nights to it.”

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Mousli Riad

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